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Families Connect for P1 Pupils and their Parents- we are having lots of fun!

Families Connect Course Spring 2019


 Families Connect Course started in St Patricks on Tuesday 8th January with an introductory coffee morning.

This is an 8 week course for p1 parents looking at Numeracy, Literacy and our emotions and taking part in fun activities to support your child's learning at home.  The children join their parent every week and spend quality time with them.  The children enjoy knowing their mum or dad are in school learning with them. 

Families First parenting course (6wks) - starting Wednesday 9th January 2018 from 9.15am- 11.15am

Families First parenting course (6wks) - starting Wednesday 9th January 2018 from 9.15am- 11.15am 1

Crochet Class- Thursdays 

Crochet Class

Every Thursday 9-11.30am

Drop in. Childcare provided!

New Lodge Schools’ Cluster


The school has an excellent outreach to the wider community through the New Lodge Schools’ Cluster.

The aim of the cluster is to promote a shared partnership between the schools, parents and community, supporting them in the process of life long learning. 


The dedicated parents’ room is an important resource in our community as it provides an opportunity for parents to get to know each other, have fun, get more involved in the school and participate in events and courses. 


We have a variety of courses and events to cater for everyone.  Parents can take part in accredited courses, including; Essential Skills in Maths, English, Linguistic Phonics, Irish History, Crochet, Walking Club, Cookery, Families First, Yoga and Therapy Treats.  


Many of our parents have gained employment by coming along to enhance their skills and make more friends and contacts. 


Parents can avail of FREE CHILDCARE in our Cluster of Stars Crèche whilst attending courses, suitable for children aged 0-3.


All classes provide free childcare. Contact Susie for more information.

Thank you for your continuous support, we love watching you all grow, have fun and develop your skills.