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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.



Principal:                            Mrs Margaret Neeson

Acting Vice Princiapl:     Mrs Clare McKeever


Junior Site Staff


Primary 1

Mrs McKeever     

Mrs Boden        

Mrs McAllister    

Miss Rooney

Mrs Bannon

Mrs Walls 

Primary 2

Mrs Sloan

Mrs Curran        

Mrs Gunning

Mrs Lyons   

Miss Smyth

Mrs Doyle

Mrs McFarland

Mrs Kearney

Ms Rafferty


Primary 3

Miss Falls               

Mr McNally  

Mrs McMahon

Mrs Flood

Mrs McNally



Sunshine Room

Mrs McCann

Mrs Monroe




Senior Site Staff


Primary 4

Ms Deighan

Ms Murphy

Mrs Martin


Mrs Donaghy

Primary 5

Mr Kennedy

Ms McCorry

Mrs McGreevy

Mrs McDonald

Mrs Russell

Primary 6

Mrs Lennon 

Mr Privilege

Mr McCart

Mrs O'Rourke

Mrs McCabe

Ms McBurney

Ms Donaghy

Ms McNally


Primary 7


Mr Donnelly

Mrs Rogers

Mr McCrory

Mrs Demirtas



Mrs Lyons


Parent Support Officer

Mrs Susie Vint  



Auxiliary Staff




Mrs Havlin

Mrs Marley


 Building Supervisor:


Mr Agnew