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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.



Principal:               Mrs Margaret Neeson

Vice Princiapl:     Mrs Clare McKeever


Junior Site Staff


Primary 1

Ms Hollywood  

Mrs Boden        

Mrs McAllister    

Mrs Bannon

Mrs Walls 

Mrs Russell

Miss Neeson

Primary 2

Mrs Sloan

Mrs Curran        

Mrs Gunning

Mrs Lyons   

Mrs Monroe

Mrs Doyle

Mrs McFarland

Mrs Rooney

Mrs Williams

B Ni Dhufaigh


Primary 3

Miss Falls              

Mr McNally  

Mrs McCann


Miss Smyth

Mrs McNally

Miss Burns


Sunshine Room

Mrs McMahon

Miss McCorry

Miss Rooney




Senior Site Staff


Primary 4

Mr McCrory

Ms Murphy

Mrs Martin

Miss Sullivan

Mrs Flood

Mrs Holmes


Primary 5

Mr Kennedy

Mr McCart

Mrs McGreevy

Mrs Vint

Mrs Donaghy

Mrs Mahony

Primary 6

Miss Murphy

Mrs Rodgers

Mr Privilege


Mrs Dermirtas

Ms McBurney

Mrs McDonald



Primary 7


Mrs Lennon

Mr Donnelly

Miss McCotter

Mrs McNally

Ms Donaghy

Mrs McCabe

Miss Thompson

Mrs O'Rourke




Mrs Lyons


Parent Support Officer

Mrs Susie Vint  



Auxiliary Staff




Mrs Havlin

Ms Craig


 Building Supervisor:


Mr Agnew