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15th June 2020

P3 Weekly Overview             P3 (Miss Gilmore, Ms Falls & Mr O’Reilly)

Week beginning 15th June 2020




Focus :- Different types of sentences

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Activity 1: Write a statement, command, question and exclamation about yourself.

Activity 2: Identifying sentence types

Activity 3: Purple Mash: Don’t Drop Litter poster:

 Create a poster to get people to pick up their litter

Make a poster that is full of information about recycling.


Please post any of your lovely work on to Facebook or St Patrick’s website.

Guided Reading

Bug Club Challenge - can you read 15 books in 15 days???  That’s 1 book each day!! Great prizes are available for the child who reads the most books in each class.  Lots of boys and girls are reading lots of books so keep reading.  You might be the lucky boy or girl who wins the prizes.


Reading Lesson -Read the extract from the book Daisy and the Trouble with Life


Activity 1 – Answer questions about the story.

Activity 2 – Summarise what is happening.

Activity 3 – Predicting what might happen.


Purple Mash 2Dos: Ned and The Detectives

Read a chapter a day and complete the reading tasks.



List 31.  Middle Vowel: got, get, and gut/ not, net and nut/log, leg and lug. High frequency words are once, upon and lived.


Grammar Focus:- 

What is a compound word? 2 words stuck together to make one word.  eg bedroom, bathroom. Refer to Activity Book B – worksheet 31:5.


Grammar Challenge: play games compound word games on

make a compound word.



This week we are learning to tell the time:

Check out for lesson videos and activities:


Activity 1 –  Purple Mash 2Do: Set Time in Order and

Activity 2 – Purple Mash 2Do : Set the Time Mixed

Activity 3 – Purple Mash 2Do: Set the Time Half Past

Activity 4 - Hickory, Dickory, Clock: tell the time to the hour, half past and a quarter to/past

Activity 5 – See below for mental maths work **


W.A. U


Focus:-   Making your minibeast hotel

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Activity 1:-Continue to make your minibeast hotels using a variety of materials like a plastic bottle, twigs, wire mesh, wood, leaves etc.

We’d love to see your lovely photos of your Minibeast Hotels.  Can you post them on to FB or St Patrick’s website.


Focus:-  Habitats

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Activity 1:-  Draw or create your own habitat.

Activity 2:-  Create a factfile for a habitat.

Activity 3:-  Have a go at more activities and quizzes for each habitat.



My favourite memories from P3 – 

See below for example text layout*

What are your favourite memories from P3?  You can talk about times spent with your friends, your favourite activities and memories that you will always remember fondly.

It would be great for your teachers to see your work – post them on FB or on our St Patrick’s website.


Please continue to log into Joe Wicks daily P.E. Lessons for kids.

The Arts

Sing Up at Home’

has songs and activities. You do not need to log in, just open the link below and get singing 😊


Channel your inner artist and get creative




CARE Friday & Favourite Memories Template

Maths Challenges