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1st June 2020

P3 Weekly Overview             P3 (Miss Gilmore, Ms Falls & Mr O’Reilly)

Week beginning 1st June 2020




This week we plan to focus on the creation of our Mini beast Hotels! Have a look on Youtube for some inspiration and ideas ( )… what kind of materials would we use to make a Mini beast Hotel? Would it be the same as a human hotel? 

Now… we want you to make a list of all materials you will need. GO!

Guided Reading

Bug Club   

Congratulations to all the children who are reading SO many Bug Club books! I hope lots of you will try to read one book per day.  Don’t forget to click onto the Bug Icon and answer the comprehension questions.  You can earn lots of rewards to spend in the virtual shop!!

Purple Mash Reading – Serial Mash

Read the book Zara and the Lost Cat.  Read one chapter per day plus complete activities relating to the chapter.



Middle vowel sound i.e. fan, fin and fun/rag, rig and rug/ham, him and hum.  High frequency words are yesterday, found and old. Don’t forget to complete the quiz at the end of the week from Purple Mash.  It is great fun!!



I can recognise and total my coins to make specific amounts

Activity 1


Interactive game which allows you to create amounts using coins up to £2. Practice making specific amounts using different coins and numerous ways.


Activity 2

There are two great games, the first requires you to pay in specific amounts. The second requires you to give change. Use the


Activity 3

Use coins to pay for car parts. The objective is to count in multiples of twos, fives and ten, and to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money.

Activity 4

PurpleMash Activity: making estimations. Use your knowledge of place value and number to estimate how many items are in each picture.

Activity 5

BugClub: ActiveLearn Maths game Place Value Bingo.

This is a great game to test your child’s understanding of place value and addition/subtraction bonds.


W.A. U


Focus:-  What is a minibeast hotel? 

Find out what things you need to make a minibeast hotel? 

Activity 1 

Log into Purple Mash and click on the Minibeast Icon to find more activities to complete eg Minibeast Facts.


As the weather is so lovely we want you to go outside and look up at the clouds and see if you can recognise any animal shapes.  Can you take a photo and see we can guess what the animal is.  Post it on Facebook or St Patrick’s website.



Please continue to log into Joe Wicks daily P.E. Lessons for kids.


As our focus is Minibeast Hotels can you draw an outline of what your minibeast hotel might look like.  Check out You Tube website for some ideas.