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20th April 2020


This week our focus is on report writing. The aim for this week is that your child should be able to talk about and know the purpose, structure and features of report writing.


Activity 1: Read and complete page 1 of report writing booklet: ‘What is Report Writing.


Activity 2: Watch youtube video clip which introduces Report Writing.

Activity 3: Create a story retelling what you got up to over Easter on PurpleMash. This will be in the 2Do folder.



Our focus this week is on fractions: halves. The aim for this week is for your child to be able to: (1) retell what a half is; (2) half a whole object, and (3) half a quantity.


Activity 1: Youtube: Give me half by Stuart J. Murphy.

This introduces the meaning of half: splitting something into two equal parts.


Activity 2: Log into BugClub Activelearn Activities and play the following games:

Bingo, Nimble Gnome, Canopy Chaos, Pesky Pests.


Acitivy 3: Log into PurpleMash and play the following games:

Fraction Wall, Fractonio’s Pizzeria.


*Please download document attached for a step-by-step guide for each lesson*


This week use the Fun with Spelling Booklet and take a page each day.

Monday: 23:1

Tuesday: 23:2

Wednesday: 23:3

Thursday 23:4

Friday: PurpleMash spelling quiz (will be on PurpleMash 2Do on Friday)


BugClub: Please continue to read a book on BugClub each day and complete the questions.


PurpleMash: Anna and the Third Leaf.


P.E with Joe Wicks Monday-Friday 9am


Our topic is minibeasts

Activity 1: watch the video on minibeasts and talk about what you know about them.  .

Activity 2: What am I? Can you describe minibeasts for others to guess what they are? If you can try and find some interesting facts about a minibeast.



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