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22nd June 2020

P3 Weekly Overview             P3 (Miss Gilmore, Ms Falls & Mr O’Reilly)

Week beginning 22nd June 2020


Have some fun this week!


Focus – Diary Writing

Watch the video of Mr Tumble’s diary.  We would like you to keep a little diary of all the things you do over the summer.  Just write down a few sentences each day of what you did eg how you helped Mum or Dad at home, how you felt about it etc.  Start each day with Dear Diary, use the First Person (I) . 

Don’t forget to describe your emotions – how you felt at the time…. Remember you can draw a picture instead if you do not want to write lots of sentences.




Complete 15-30mins of your literacy home learning packs

Guided Reading

Bug Club Challenge

Read 15 books in 15 days. Boys and girls – it’s getting close and we will soon be counting all the books – we can see already lots of you have read more than 15 books – Well Done. Keep reading as your name can be entered TWICE !


Purple Mash:

Serial Mash/2Dos: Novel – Niki’s New Shoes.

 Complete all the activities linked to this book in Purple Mash.


List 32.

Middle Vowel: let, lot, lit/tap, top, tip/ cat, cot cut.

High Frequency Words:- about, down and back.


This week we are learning to revise how fact families work in number and how addition and subtraction are linked.

Activity 1Can you complete the questions in this activity sheet from Classroom Secrets:

Activity 2 -Have a go at this worksheet from Twinkl about using fact families and number bonds to answer sums. You can print it out or write your answers on a sheet of paper.

Activity 3 – Complete 30 mins of your numeracy home learning pack

Activity 4- Challenge: see below.  

W.A. U

Focus:-   Revision of Parts of the Body and Our Senses

Log in to

Activity 1: Listen to the video clip on The Human Body and complete the quiz.

Activity 2:- Listen to the short film about our 5 Senses.  Test your knowledge of the senses by completing the Senses Quiz.

Watch this short video to recap on the human body and the five senses.

Activity 3: Ask someone in your family to stand still and see how many body parts you can name.  Can you name 10 different parts of the body?

Activity 4: Draw a picture for each of your senses using this worksheet from Twinkl  If you can't print the worksheet off, you can draw your own picture and label of which sense you would use.


Purple Mash – Complete 2Do- Sea Creatures

What sea creatures can you see in the sea? Draw your favourite sea creature?  Use lots of different colours etc.  Don’t forget to post it on to our Facebook or website.

CARE Fridays

Channel your inner artist and get creative


Please continue to log into Joe Wicks daily P.E. Lessons for kids.


Focus :- Learn about rhythm by clapping and using your body

Activity 1:-  Practise making sounds with different parts of your body.

Activity 2:-  Watch the video to see how to play the Forbidden Rhythm game. The game involves you (parent) clapping a rhythm and your child repeating it back to you.

Activity 3:- Watch the video clip :-Bring the noise” – How many different sounds can you hear either at home or outside your home?