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25th May 2020

P3 Weekly Overview               P3 (Miss Gilmore, Ms Falls & Mr O’Reilly)

Week beginning 25th May 2020


Purple Mash: Fruit Tree Word Spot to find suffixes- s, es (plurals).



This week we want you to use your planning template in your Literacy Pack to write up your report about your favourite minibeast. You need to take it step by step. Day 1: Write the title and the introduction.

Day 2: Heading 1

Day 3: Heading 2.

Day 4: Fun fact.

Day 5: Draw a Picture.  Please refer to the example below*.

Please email your work to your teacher.

Guided Reading

Bug Club I hope lots of you will try and read one book per day.  Don’t forget to click onto the Bug Icon and answer the questions.  You can earn lots of rewards to spend in the virtual shop!!

Purple Mash Reading – Serial Mash

Read the book ‘Wolf’s New Friends’. Read one chapter per day and complete activities relating to the chapter.



Fun with Spelling Booklet: 28:1-28:6

Middle vowel sound i.e. hot, hit and hut / jog, jig and jog / bit, but and bat.  High frequency words are where, fell and off.

Don’t forget to complete the quiz at the end of the week from Purple Mash.  It is great fun!!



This week we are revising shapes (2D and 3D shapes) and starting to learn our 8x tables. (If you are struggling with 8x tables, try either the 2x or 4x tables).

Activity 1 – Shape: visit which has great resources for learning all about shapes.

Visit can you identify the 2D or 3D shapes?


Activity 2- Purple Mash: shape match & design a vehicle.

ActiveLearn (BugClub) Shape Builder Challenge


Activity 3 – a)  Visit for a wonderful lesson on arrays and multiplication.

b) Demonstrate 8x tables, visit to show how we work out the times tables.

PurpleMash: Make your won Table Toons (8x tables).

Activity 4:  Continue to work on your multiplication booklet (10mins a day).


W.A. U


Focus:-  What is an insect?   What do minibeasts like to eat?

Watch on You Tube –

QS: How do you know a minibeast is an insect?  It has ___ legs.  It has _____ body parts.  ?????

Log into :-

Activity 1  Click on Part 1.  Drag the correct insect to the jar using the Insect Key.  What do minibeasts like to eat?  Some minibeasts eat plants.  Other minibeasts eat minibeasts!!

Log into:-

Activity 2:-  Clck onto the above link again and complete Part 2.  Sort the minibeasts that eat plants into the jar with the green lid.  Sort the minibeasts that eat other minibeasts into the jar with the red lid.

Log into:-

Activity 3:-  Click on the link again and go to Plenary.  Sort each of the minibeasts.


Following on from last week’s Mental Health Awareness, we would like you to focus on one thing that you can do each day in order to show kindness either to your family or friends.

Log in:-

see attached below*

Send photos of you showing kindness to a member of your family by uploading a photo on to Facebook or e-mail to your teacher.


Log in:-

Watch video about how to draw expressions.

Activity 1:-  Draw happy and sad expressions onto the characters.

Activity 2: Draw happy and sad expressions on to the characters.






Act of kindness Activity