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27th April 2020




This week will focus on identifying the structure of report writing, how is it laid out. 

Activity One: review last week's learning, what are the features and structure of report writing? Watch the videos below to help:


Activity Two: Each day complete a page of report writing labelling of a different animal- label the title, paragraphs, sub-headings. This is found in the report writing booklet. 



Guided Reading

BugClub: Please continue to read one book each day from Bug Club.  Remember you need to complete the on-line bug club quiz comprehension questions by clicking on the Bug Club icon.


P3 Teachers are running a competition next week to see who can read the most books in ONE WHOLE WEEK!! A special prize will be given to 3 children from each class who have read the most books next week.





Spelling Focus this week: word ending in ub . HFW words are there, were, look.

This week use the Fun with Spelling Booklet and take a page each day.

Monday: 24:1

Tuesday: 24:2

Wednesday: 24:3

Thursday 24:4

Friday: PurpleMash spelling quiz (will be on PurpleMash 2Do on Friday)





P.E with Joe Wicks Monday-Friday 9am



Our topic is minibeasts.   Click on the link below:-

Starter Activity 1: What makes a minibeast an insect?

Activity 2: Main Session Part 1: Firstly, look at the Insect Key & drag minitbeast to the correct jars?  Check Answers

Activity 3: Which minibeasts eat plants or other minibeasts?  

Activity 4: Plenary: Can you identify an insect? Click on each minibeast.


***Minibeast hunt! We want you to try and find any minibeasts at home. Take a picture of them, name them and email them to your teacher (give us a little scare). Good luck with your minibeast hunt! ***



Numeracy this week is fraction work (half). Please read the attached document below for lessons. Work is available on BugClub and PurpleMash to help support fraction work.