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4th May 2020

P3 Weekly Overview                     P3 (Miss Gilmore, Ms Falls & Mr O’Reilly)

Week beginning 4th May 2020




This week you are planning a report on your favourite minibeast  (in your report writing pack). Take one section a day i.e title, first paragraph….

*Have a look at the example attached to help you*

Please email your teacher the complete plan as we really want to see all your wonderful work!


Guided Reading

Bug Club Well done to everyone who read lots of bug club books. The competition to see who has read the most books in one week continues!!  2 Children from each class will receive a prize for having read the most books in one week.  Happy Reading.


Purple Mash Reading – Serial Mash

This week’s book is Little Red: complete a chapter and quiz each day.



Fun with Spellings Booklet: 25:1 - 25:4 (one page per day).

Middle vowel sound i.e. tan, tin or ten.  sat, sit or set. High frequency words are read, book and our. Don’t forget to complete the quiz at the end of the week from Purple Mash.  It is great fun!!




Activity 1:

Activity 2: Quarter of shapes: use fraction booklet

Activity 3: Quarter of amounts: see fraction booklet

Activity 4: Time, quarter past/ quarter to the hour.

BBC bitesize have lots of great daily lessons:

W.A. U


Focus:- create a minibeast factfile using joining words.

Log in:

Activity 1: Make a list of all the minibeasts that you saw in the video.

Activity 2:  Make a factfile – fold a piece of paper into quarters. Write the names of 4 minibeasts on each square.  Write one fact about each minibeast using a joining word.  EG Sally the Snail has a soft body and a hard shell because it protects her.

Activity 3:  Make your own minibeast game. See details on Bitesize

Activity 4:  Play the Karate Cats game

Art Project

Log in to Purple Mash and complete the To Do Art Project entitled:- Invent your own Insect.



May is the Month of Mary.  In P3 we always pray to Mary our Mother.  Fr Tony has set a challenge for all of P3.  Can you guess what it is?

Fr Tony wants all of P3 to learn the Hail Mary over the month of May.

Fr Tony has a little friend who can help you.  Can you guess who it is? Check our St Patrick’s Facebook Page to P1-P3 to hear Fr Tony recite the Hail Mary.