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6th April 2020

Remote Learning Overview

P3 (Mrs Falls, Mrs Gilmore, Mr. OReilly)

Week Beginning 6th April 2020

**Children can choose the activity they wish to do each day**



Holy Week

Activity 1: Use this link to read all about Holy Week


Activity 2: Create your own Palm cross. Use the video below to help:


Activity 3: Sequence the story of Holy Week *booklets attached below*


Activity 1: Joe Wicks- YouTube (Monday-Friday 9am) 


Activity 2: 

To start: Cut out the egg template (or you can draw your own). Colour as many eggs in as you want. Aim for 10 as a minimum. 

On the reverse side of the eggs write various fitness activities. Examples include jumping jacks, skip,  arm circles, crab walk, push-ups, jog on the spot, touch toe and count to ten...

To play: place the eggs around the house  and/or outside.

You can play to music. Start in one room. Jog on the spot to music. Stop the music and run to find an egg. Do activity on the egg for 30-40 seconds. Return to start and play music again, jogging on the spot. Repeat.


See holy week activities:

Please share your activities with your teachers as we would love to see all the work you are doing! 


This video will explain what mindfulness is:

Attached are some mindfulness activities that we think you will enjoy!


PurpleMash On purplemash: can you design your own Easter Egg? Remember to save your work.
BugClub Your goal this week is to read one book a day. Don't forget to do the quiz! 


Spellings This week children will look at the ea sound. First check out Geraldine Giraffe on YouTube and listen to the sound followed by examples of words with the sound in it:


Using the whiteboard and pen, can your child write some words they know which have the ea sound in it. 


Attached below are spellings for the week with dictation work too. Aim to cover three-four words a day. Use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Then use the word in a simple sentence.