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8th June 2020

P3 Weekly Overview               P3 (Miss Gilmore, Ms Falls & Mr O’Reilly)

Week beginning 8th June 2020




Minibeast Hotels

This week we want you to begin to write a set of instructions on how to make a minibeast hotel.

Start with the Title and Materials. After begin to write your instructions e.g. 1.  First, …  2. Then … 3. Next … 4. Finally.

*See below for an example*

Guided Reading

Bug Club Challenge -

Hope everyone is up for the Big Bug Club Challenge – can you read 15 books in 15 days???  That’s 1 book each day!! Great prizes are available for the child who reads the most books in each class So get reading your Bug Club books now!!                                 

Purple Mash Reading – Serial Mash

Read the book ‘Class One and The Winter Walk’.  Read one chapter per day and complete activities relating to the chapter.


Fun with Spellings: 30:1-30:6

Middle vowel sound i.e. ram, rim and rum/tag, tig and tug/bad bid and bud.  High frequency words are tomorrow, people and put. Don’t forget to complete the quiz at the end of the week from Purple Mash.  It is great fun!!


This week we are learning to solve division problems using our knowledge of times-tables (grouping).    

Activity 1 – Home learning Packs:

10-20 minutes using your home learning numeracy pack.


Activity 2 -  BBC bitesize: How sharing equally relates to division .

The following link has three activities and an introduction video. Watch, play and learn:

Activity 3- BBC bitesize: how grouping equally relates to division.

This lesson includes two videos and three activities.


Activity 4- revision of division

This fun filled site has lots of videos recapping and explaining further the concept of division and has a lovely quiz at the end to check for understanding.


W.A. U


 Making a minibeast hotel

Activity 1 :-

Watch how the Wiggly Wild Show uses a variety of materials like a plastic bottle, twigs, wire mesh, wood, leaves etc… to build a Minibeast Hotel. 

Activity 2: Plan and create your own minibeast hotel

Can you make your own minibeast hotel using materials from around the house? Don’t forget to send your photos.



Mindfulness for Kids.

Log into: -  Can you complete one of the mindfulness activities each day.  They will help you to cope with any stress or anxiety that you might be having.


Please continue to log into Joe Wicks daily P.E. Lessons for kids.


As it’s the start of the Summer we want you to try and draw a sandcastle.  

Watch:  and follow the instructions.  Please send in any photos of your sandcastle either via Facebook or e-mail your teacher.


Can you draw make a sandcastle for your favourite minibeast? Talk about what’s happening in the picture you have created- are they fending of attacks from other minibeasts, are they the king/queen of the castle.