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Division and Remainders

Mental Maths Division with Remainders

Mental Maths Focus this week is Times tables and the Division Equivalents.

For example :






Adding Fractions

Mental Maths focus this week is halving.

When halving numbers you can use a couple of different ways. Here is a reminder....

1. You can partition your number and halve each part, once you have halved each part then you need to add the parts together.

e.g half of 76 - half 70 =35, half 6=3    35+3=38


2. You can partition your number so that you have an even number in each part and continue tin halve each part as above.

e.g.76= 60+16   half of 60=30   half of 16=8     30+8= 38



Monday 30th March.


Watch the video on finding fractions of an amount.

Complete the worksheets.

5-a-day Mar 30

Wednesday 1st April

Thursday 2 April

Thursday 2nd April 5-a-day

Friday 3rd April 5 a day