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Warm Up - Among Us PE Edition - Session 2

Chapter 2! A fun virtual P.E. exercise video. Score 10 points for each level you choose the correct crew-mate. If you choose the impostor, you lose all your points. How many points can you get? Good luck!

Skill Development Task 1 - ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy

Get the washing basket out, grab some pots from the kitchen and find some soft things to throw, like teddy bears!

An easy to create activity and game at home to entertain and physically educate your child - enjoy!

Today we’re going to be learning about throwing for accuracy.

The important thing to remember for this is that you’ve got to keep your eyes on the prize! That means you’ve got to watch where you’re throwing to at all times.

Activity 1 explanation
Our first activity is a two-handed throw into a box. Stand a comfortable distance away from the target. Then using two hands throw a soft object like a teddy, or rolled up socks, into the box.

Activity 2 explanation
Next we are going to be throwing with one hand. We are going to start by using the hand that we write with. If you get the object into the target, then you can move the target further away. If you miss, move it closer to make it easier.

Time for a game!
Now we are going to be playing a game. Start with three different size targets that we are going to be throwing objects into. Start with the biggest target, and move down each time you get your object into your target. The first, or the quickest, into the smallest target at the end of the game is the winner.

Skill Development Task 2 - ThisIsPE - Agility and throws

This agility and throwing activity will support some of the fundamental movement skills your child needs to develop: agility, balance and coordination. The three fundamental skills we will be working on are vital in everything we do. For example, playing tag, dodging a crazy dog or balancing to score the winning goal.

Activity 1

Activity one is the agility box. Use any four items to set up a square and stand in the middle of the box. When one of the items are called out, move to touch it then retreat back to the middle.

Aim to be as light as possible on your feet, and as quick as possible while staying balanced.

To make this harder, when a corner is called you must pick up a small item then place it into the corner that has been nominated.

Activity 2

I have all the socks in front of me, inside-out on the floor. The aim of the game is to turn the socks the right way round and place them in the corner. Working on your listening skills, you must be aware for when the area is called you know where to put it. How quickly can you get there then back to the middle?

Putting it into a game

Grab as many socks as you can, match them up then throw them into the target. Check out the other videos on throwing accuracy so we have added this as a bit of fun at the end of the game. Why not set a time limit? Or use a point system? I am going to see how fast I can do it.

Skill Development Task 3 - ThisIsPE - Catching

Here's an incredibly simple activity that will work wonders for your child's hand-eye coordination, using a pair of socks and a pillow filled with socks!

Why is catching important? It is used in lots of different sports, such as basketball, netball, rugby but it is also a really important fundamental skill when it comes to developing hand eye coordination which can be used in everyday parts of life.

Activity one

The first task is to catch the large object - the large pillow case filled with socks. Push, straight into your hands. Keep your eye on the object at all times. Once you have managed that, we are going to start throwing to the side. Try each side and challenge your child by passing higher up. Let’s see if you can clap before you catch the object.

Activity two

We are looking at using the smaller object, the rolled-up socks. Instead of having our hands facing up with our thumbs together, we are going to bring our little fingers round to make a nest. Once the object has landed in the nest we are going to bring it up to our chest. Remember, nest to chest.

Can you try side-to-side? Can you add a clap before you catch?

Activity three

Looking at our one-handed catch. You need to make a large nest with one hand where the object can land, then take the nest to chest.

Activity four

Now we have mastered the skill, it's time to put it into a game of catch tennis. One point for every catch, and one point when your opponent drops it. All you need is an ironing board or a chair. Keep count of your own score.

Differentiation of task for catching the object.

- Change the distance between each other
- Size of the ball/equipment
- Throw to the side of the player to make it harder to reach
- Start with your hands behind your back