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Warm Up - Among Us P.E. Edition

A fun virtual PE exercise video. Score 10 points for each level you choose the correct crew-mate. If you choose the impostor, you lose all your points. How many points can you get? Good luck!

Skill Development Task 1 - Home PE | Sock Ladder Challenge

The Sock Ladder Challenge will test your speed, agility and quickness.

Important - Use 4 Socks. Socks to be placed roughly 50cm apart.

Skill Development Task 2 - Home PE | KS2 Speed Bounce Challenge

This activity The Speed Bounce Challenge will help to get your pulse racing, your heart beating faster and develop your balance and coordination.

Skill Development Task 3 - Home PE - Martial Arts Kick Challenge

Our next Home PE activity is The Martial Arts Kick Challenge. Follow the safety instructions at the beginning of the video before completing the challenge.