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Week 2 23rd - 27th March

Function Machines

WALT: Use a range of operations


When completing a function machine you will be given a number. That number will enter the function machine where an operation is applied such as a multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. The number that exits the function machine is the answer.


For example:

IN: 6           Operation: X6            OUT: ??


As 6 is the number entering I must apply the operation 'X6' to it.

6X6 = 36, therefore the number that comes out is 36.


IN: 6           Operation: X6            OUT: 36



Some function machines may give you the information in a way that forces you to work backwards.


For example:

IN: ??                Operation: ÷ 4         OUT: 4


In order to complete this function we must work backwards. However, because we are working backwards we must do the opposite (e.g division turns to multiplication).

I start with the 4, I work backwards through the function machine. As I am working backwards the ÷4 becomes x4.

4 X 4 = 16

Therefore my IN number must be 16.


IN: 16                   Operation: ÷ 4           OUT: 4








Additional Work (Should you wish to test yourself)