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Week Beginning 22nd June

Square  Numbers


This week you will be learning about square numbers.


What is a square number?


A square number is the result when a number has been multiplied by itself.

For example, 25 is a square number because it's 5 lots of 5, or 5x5.This is also written  as 5² ("five squared")


100 is also a square number because it's 10² (10x10,or ten squared)


All of the square numbers up to 12 x12

The first 12 square numbers are:

1x1=1² =1

2x2=2² =4

3x3=3² =9

4x4=4² =16

5x5=5² =25

6x6=6² =36

7x7=7² =49

8x8=8² =64

9x9=9² =81

10x10=10² =100

11x11=11² =121

12x12=12² =144




Why are they called square numbers?

These numbers are called square numbers because they form the area of a square.

As squares have equal sides, calculating the area is simple- just 'square' (multiply by itself) one of its sides.

For example, a square with side length 2cm would have an area of 4cm²  (as 2² =4)

In reverse, if we knew that a square had an area of 9cm² , we'd know that each side would measure 3cm (as 3cm² =9)

See the diagrams below to help you visualise what a square number look like.


Visual Examples of Square Numbers

Square number practice questions