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Week beginning 1st June

Dear parents,


In order to prepare for September opening, P6 teachers are trialling 'Google Classroom' as a possible platform for assigning work and collecting in work from pupils. 

For the month of June we are moving  our 'Transfer Work' to Google Classroom.


Firstly you need to download the ‘Google Classroom’ app.
Once downloaded, open ‘Google Classroom’.
Then follow the log-in instructions, you will need a gmail account.

You will then be asked for a password. Please enter this password- wasfwz5
Once inside ‘Google Classroom’, select, complete and send back the tasks that will be allocated for that week.


Please email the year 6 teachers if you have any problems.


Good luck and thank you for taking part in this trial.

If this platform is to be used in September the pupils will have their own c2k account from school. For the purposes of this trial we are asking parents to use the password provided.



Year 6 teachers.