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Week 2


Phonics: this week we are looking at the sounds 'th'. Activities for this sound along with our other sounds we have already taught can be found on Purple Mash and matching phonics books are on Bug Club. Also try to write words beginning with this sound on your whiteboards and put them into sentences.

HFW: this week's words are come and for. Practise writing these words each day. Can you think of a sentence that uses the words? For example: Can I come for dinner?. Now write the sentence sounding out the words you don't know.

Writing: draw your favourite part from Jack and the Beanstalk. Can you write a sentence to match the picture. Get an adult to help you with the words you can't spell. Remember CAPITAL LETTERS, SPACES AND FULL STOPS! In Purple Maash you will a task where you have to choose a character and write a description for him. Click on the link below and see mine!!

Alien Character Description


This week in Numeracy we are looking at ways of making the numbers 10-20 along with addition and subtraction to 10/15/30. Its important that your child becomes very familiar with these numbers, and activities should be very practical. Some examples are below.


  • 12+4; put finger on 12 and then do 4 jumps, what did you land on? Parents a lot of practise jumping forwards for adding and backwards for subtracting is needed here. Practise every day!
  • Clap count in 2's to 20, in 5's to 50 and in 10's to 100.
  • Count forwards and backwards from different numbers, e.g. 12-18.
  • Get out your number line or hundred square and get an adult to ask you about the numbers. Can you find 9? Can you find 1 more than 15? What number comes before 23?
  • Write different numbers on your whiteboard. Check to make sure they are the right way round.  
  • Can you write the numbers between 7 and 15?


1) Log in to Bug Club and in My Stuff you should see an icon for Active Maths. Here you will find games that support the learning this week. The games this week are Rainy Daze and Sea Shack Smash. Get on and have fun!


2) Log in to Purple Mash and play Sequence Snake. Remember to save your work and then we can see it and comment on it.


3)Below you can find links to games on Top Marks that will also support the learning.
Other Activities

Make Your Own Parachute!

Try to make your own parachute from materials you have in the house. This could be bun cases, sandwich bag, wool, string and connect a toy to it. Through it up in the air and see if it floats down. Can you get it to land in a certain place? If you put a heavier toy on what happens? If your mum throws it up what happens? Let us know what you find out! Click on the link below to see some examples.

Design Your Own Hot Air Balloon.

In Purple Mash there is an activity to design your own hot air balloon. Can you make a pattern on it? Or could you design it to be camouflaged?

Compare two Aircrafts

Click on the link below and you will see a picture of an old aircraft and a new aircraft. Can you see three similarities and three differences between them? Write your answers on your whiteboard and send a picture to your teacher's email.

Compare Two Aircraft