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Week 11


Big Book: Chicken Little

Phonics: this week we are revising the sounds ‘c,k,e,h,r,m,d’. We need to know all these sounds before going to Primary 3. Activities for these sound along with our other sounds we have already taught can be found on Purple Mash and matching phonics books are on Bug Club. Also try to write words with these sound in them on your whiteboards and put them into sentences.

HFW: this week's words are my, we, can, to and up. Practise writing these words each day. Can you think of a sentence that uses the words? For example: Can we go to the park with mum? Help, my cat is up the tree! Now write the sentence sounding out the words you don't know.

Reading: Remember to get on to Bug Club and read more books. You should be reading at least one book a day. Remember to click on the bugs in the book and answer the question. If you get it right the bug will fall asleep! Make them all fall asleep to close the book. Only closed books are counted!


Writing: this week we want you to choose one of the characters from our Big Book, Chicken Little. Draw a picture of the charcter and then write some sentences about them, what they look like, who they come after in the story, a fun fact about the bird. Remember we don’t need time words as we are not retelling the story, but describing the character. Get an adult to help you with the words you can't spell. Remember CAPITAL LETTERS, SPACES AND FULL STOPS! Try to red your character description to an adult. Maybe you could take a photo of you with your character description or video yourself reading it and post it on Facebook or send it to your teacher’s email? We would love to see them.


Number: This week we will continue to revise our number skills. We are going to look at grouping and sharing, which is similar to counting in 2’s etc. Have a go at the activities below and see how you get on.

Money: it has been a few weeks since we looked at money. Try the activities below to make sure you recognise, add and find change using money.

Measure: below you will find some activities about weight, capacity and length. It’s important to be able to talk about these areas using words like; heavier, lighter, longer, shorter, holds more, holds less. Try to complete some of the practical suggestions below too:

-if you have scale in the house (baking scales are perfect) choose some items and try to sort them from lightest to heaviest.

-if you have no scales choose items and hold them in each hand. Can you tell which is heavier or lighter?

-find some teddies. Which is tallest? Which is smallest? Can you order the teddies by their height?

-get some plastic containers and a small cup. How many cups does it take to fill each container? Can you write labels for each container saying how many cups it took? Can you now order the containers?

-find some odd socks. Can you put 3 in order by saying long, longer, longest. What about small, smaller, smallest?

1) Log in to Bug Club and in My Stuff you should see an icon for Active Maths. Here you will find games that support the learning this week. Get on and have fun!


2) Log in to Purple Mash and play the number, money and measures games we have added. Remember to save your work and then we can see it and comment on it.


We have added some PDMU and Summer activities to Purple Mash. Below you will find links to some other activities for these topics. Remember on Friday to complete CARE Friday: we will be doing the activities for A this week. These activities can be found in the CARE Friday star on the previous page on the website. 

CARE Friday

This week for “CARE Friday” we will be focusing on “A” for artistic.

 The following activities will show your fantastic artistic side.

  • Do some recycling art - recycle art is creative work that's made from old materials eg. used plastic bottles, tops, paper and clothes.  Artists who make recycled art take those materials and make them into something new. You might sometimes see it called 'junk art, Check out the video to get some ideas for your recycled art.
  • Sing – why not have a singing competition with your family you could sing your favourite song to each other. 
  • Make a Forte.
  • Paper plane contestEach family member makes a paper plane when they are made you test them to see who fly’s the furthest. The plan that fly’s the furthest is the winner.
  • Write a creative story - This could be about your family or about how you feel at the moment.


  • Blind fold taste test – You get a plate of different foods with different tastes and textures that you have lying around the house you put a blind fold on (this could be a scarf tea towel etc then you taste the food and see can you identify foods based upon taste only


Remember boys and girls to have lots of fun. You can send pictures to your teacher.  We love to see all the amazing work you have done and can’t wait to see what you do for “CARE Friday”