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Week 13

Phonics: This week we are revising the sounds ‘j, z,w,v,y,x,’. We need to know all these sounds before going to Primary 3. Activities for these sound along with our other sounds we have already taught can be found on Purple Mash and matching phonics books are on Bug Club. Also try to write words with these sound in them on your whiteboards and put them into sentences.

HFW: This week's words are see, you, dad, big and up. Practise writing these words each day. Can you think of a sentence that uses the words? For example: I can see a plane in the sky, Are you going to the park with your friends? There is a big cat on top of the tree. My dad is very funny. Now write the sentence sounding out the words you don't know.

Writing: This week Our Big Book is “Chocolate Cake” the author talks about his favourite cake. Our writing activity this week is for you to write some sentences about your favourite things in Primary 2. Example: What you enjoyed doing in school. What was your favourite subject, Maths, English, Art or P.E.? Who was your friends and what where the things you liked to do together?  Draw a picture of you and your friends in school.  Get an adult to help you with the words you can't spell. Remember CAPITAL LETTERS, SPACES AND FULL STOPS!  Maybe you could take a photo of you with your work or video yourself reading it and post it on Facebook or send it to your teacher’s email? We would love to see them.

Reading: Remember to get on to Bug Club and read more books. You should be reading at least one book a day. THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO HAVE 15 BOOKS READ FOR THE COMPETITION! Remember to click on the bugs in the book and answer the question. If you get it right the bug will fall asleep! Make them all fall asleep to close the book. Only closed books are counted!


This week we revise our all the topics we have been doing throughout the year. Please click on the link below and choose some challenge cards to complete.


Log in to Bug Club and in My Stuff, you should see an icon for Active Maths. Here you will find games that support the learning this week. Get on and have fun!


CARE Friday: we will be doing the activities for "E" this week. Choose a few of the activities below to complete. 

  • Egg and Spoon race- Get your family to join in see who wins the race.
  • Skipping challenge – do a set of ten skips then rest for 30 seconds do another set of ten skips then rest for 30 seconds. (Let’s see how many sets of skips you can do. Why not have a competition with your family and see who is the best skipper)
  • Hide and Seek – Let’s see who the best at hiding is.
  • Dancing - Put on your favorite song and dance along to it.
  • Take a walk –Remember to stay safe
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Do chores- clean your bedroom/house (We are sure your mum/dad will love this)

Remember boys and girls to have lots of fun. You can send pictures to your teacher.  We love to see all the amazing work you have done and can’t wait to see what you do for CARE Friday.