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Week 4


Big Book: The Gingerbread Man


Phonics: this week we are looking at the sound 'qu'. Activities for this sound along with our other sounds we have already taught can be found on Purple Mash and matching phonics books are on Bug Club. Also try to write words beginning with this sound on your whiteboards and put them into sentences.

HFW: this week's words are said and the. Practise writing these words each day. Can you think of a sentence that uses the words? For example: I can see mum and dad, said the boy. Now write the sentence sounding out the words you don't know.


Reading: remember to get on to Bug Club and read more books. You should be reading one book a day. Remember to click on the bugs in the book and answer the question. If you get it right the bug will fall asleep! Make them all fall asleep to close the book.


Writing: draw your favourite part from The Gingerbread Man. Can you write a sentence to match the picture? Get an adult to help you with the words you can't spell. Remember CAPITAL LETTERS, SPACES AND FULL STOPS! Try to retell the story to an adult. Maybe you could make your own Gingerbread Man book!


This week in Numeracy we are revising the number work we have completed in past weeks. We are also going to look at o’clock times and using money to buy items up to 20p.


Time: It’s important that your child gets lots of opportunity to look at the clock and the numbers on it. Show them how the hands move and which is the hour hand and which is the minute hand. Keep this very practical at the beginning ask them to show you times, then get them to be the teacher and ask you to show times.


Money: get one of each coin and ask your child to tell you how much it is. Talk to them about two 1p’s is the same as a 2p and so on. We have included activities on Purple Mash and other online links to support this.



1) Log in to Bug Club and in My Stuff you should see an icon for Active Maths. Here you will find games that support the learning this week.  Get on and have fun!


2) Log in to Purple Mash and play the Time game and Money to 20p. Remember to save your work and then we can see it and comment on it.


3)Below you can find links to games on Top Marks that will also support the learning.

Other Activities

Our Topic this term has changed to The Farm. Over the coming weeks we will include some activities about the farm and the animals you can find there. We will also look at Spring and then Summer. 


This week on Purple Mash you will find activities about the butterfly and designing a spring picture.


Below you will find links to some introductory farm activities.