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Argh me Hearties below is link to a pirate game on BBC Bitesize. To be a good pirate you need to be able to read maps, learn about the weather and follow directions? Are you brave enough?


Number formation:  

We begin week 9 by revising our number formation. 


Encourage your child to practice writing numbers on the whiteboard or a page. 


Ask your child to complete the formation page in their 'Essential Home Pack'.

BBC Bitesize have some lovely games your child might enjoy.  Bud’s Number Garden helps go over sequencing numbers to 10.

One more than:

In the Essential work pack we look at one more than. 


Warm up game-

Using the cubes sent home or any objects ask your child to set out 4.  Can they add one more?  How many now?


Repeat this activity with different amounts.

Number line game-

Ask your child to point to the number that is one more than 5?

The number that is one more than 7? Continue asking this question using different numbers.

Below are two links to video links for activities that can help your child’s understanding of less and more.

one more than

A partner game to revise one more than for numbers up to 7. You just need a dice, a page and pencil. Roll dice, add one more to number shown on dice, score o...

less and more than starter

An activity to revise less than and more than with numbers up to 10

Ask your child to complete the activity page on more than from their pack.


Ordinal Number:


We use numbers to describe what order things come in.  1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.


This time of year is normally when we would be practising for sports day in school.  We are very sad to be missing it this year.  We have put an activity page linked to sports day.  Your child has to colour who comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Below is a great link to BBC bitesize which describes this well.  There is also a game in the link too.

Purple Mash:

There is a '2do' on purple mash on one more than and one less.  Check your child’s 2Do’s. 


Story Introduction:

Watch this story and read along with our book, The Troll:

The Troll, read by Hywel

The Troll by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by David Roberts, read by Hywel

After reading The Troll ask some questions:

  • What’s your favourite dinner to eat?
  • If you were going to bury some treasure where would you bury it?
  • What would be in your treasure box?
  • Which of the pirates was your favourite and why?


v and w

Listen to our Jolly Phonics song below.

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

children good

In your Essential Learning Pack complete the cut and stick activity for v and w.

Look at the pictures, think of the first sound of each word.


If you get a chance this week try revising your sounds using the game below. There are four pictures – three of these pictures start with the same sound and one is different, it is he odd one out.

Drag the odd one out into the box. Good luck!

HFW exercise:


This week our words are me, see and day.


To complete your rocket cut the words out from the table and stick under the correct word on the rocket.


Why not try a word hunt this week! Get your grown up to hide five or six words in your bedroom and then you have to find them! You get a sweet for every word you can read by yourself! (It’s a good idea to practise them before you hide them – we want our children’s confidence to grow as they learn).

Pirate Labelling:


This week we have a pirate labelling activity to complete. The words you need are in at the bottom of the page. To help we have given you the initial sound of each of the words.


Do any of these characters look like the pirates from our story this week?


Use the worksheet from your Essential Work Pack (Week 9) to cut and stick the sentence, ‘See me walk the plank.’


Some clues to help you with this are:

  • Which word has a capital letter? (This one comes first).
  • Which word has a full stop after it? (This word comes at the end).

Use your initial sounds to help you sound out the words.

If you get this done why not see how high you can jump? Who can jump higher – you or your adult? How could you measure how high you jump?



Please check your Bug Club account for more exciting books to read.

Remember the more books you read the more points you can collect for your wonderful reading.


This week’s new HFW book is in the link below.