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Holy Week & Easter Activities

Holy Week  

At Home Learning Ideas

This week is Holy week. 

We are preparing to celebrate Easter. 

We have sent home some Easter themed ideas for your child.  It might be a nice time to try some fun activities with your child. 

And of course a recipe for Easter treats …who doesn’t love chocolate?


If you would like to take some time to talk about the Easter story with your child, we have provided a link below to help explain the story. 



Revise the 'e' sound. 

Can you write the letter 'e' on your whiteboard?

Can you count and write the number of how many 'e' you can find in a book?


Can your child think of words that rhyme with:


hen                              or                              red    

hen, pen, etc

bed, ted, etc

Memory game:

Kim’s Game

We play this game in the classroom but it a brilliant game to play at home at your kitchen table. 

  • Set items out on table e.g. knives, fork, glasses or even random things from around house such as toys, photos etc
  • Player one closes their eyes
  • Someone hides an item under the table.
  • Player one open their eyes and must guess what was missing.  They cannot leave their seat or look under the table.  You are allowed three guesses.
  • Do a big reveal if they get it right.  Have fun!  
  • Below is an example of someone playing the game to help.

Kim's game


We have been looking at patterns in maths. 


A nice craft activity would be to cut out an egg outline and ask your child to decorate the egg.  Can they make a pattern? Will it have stripes? Will it have dots?

Are you having an Easter Egg Hunt? Do you have lots of eggs?


Your challenge is to count how many eggs you have before you eat them? Line them all up in a row and finger point to each one as you count them.

                          World Around Us

This is a link for some STEM ideas inked to Easter.

Fancy trying to make a rubber egg?  Click the link below: