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Green Group Children


*If you feel your child could cope with more challenging tasks, please see the purple groups activities after completing the content below.*


  • Making sets for numbers up to 5.

Pick a number.  Can you find objects to make sets of that number? Make sets for numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5.

  • Number formation 1 - 10.

Use your number line and whiteboard to practice writing numbers 1-10.

  • Ordering numbers 1 - 7.  Point to each number on the number line and say the number.  Can you count up to 7 and back to zero? 
  • Ask your child to order different times of their day and talk about their routine.



  • It is very important that children read every day. Your child has been allocated books suited to their reading level on Active Learn’s Bug Club. Please login and read these books!
  • Please read these new HFW books, designed to help your child revise high frequency words (HFWs) learnt in class. Please re-read these books throughout the week to familiarise your child with common words. 
  • Story- Gingerbread Man- Watch the video below or read the book if you have it and use your reading strategies e.g. pointing parrot, lips the fish and eagle eye. 

  • Phonics: Practice writing the sounds c, k and e on your whiteboards. Use your jolly phonics card to practice doing the actions too.


  • With your child watch the video below:
  • Sequence a story: Use these pictures to help you and your child sequence the story. Try and use words such as First, Then/Next, Finally.

Primary 1 - Gingerbread Man Sequencing

  • CVC words:

Primary 1 - CVC practice - b o x

Try this activity a few times with your child on their whiteboard to help them sound out and spell a word.

Primary 1 - CVC practice - m a n

Practice this activity a few times with your child on their whiteboard to help them sound out and spell their CVC words.

  • Writing: Ask your child to practice writing their own name on their whiteboards. Get them to focus on their pencil hold and letter formation.

Fun activities: 

1. Make or decorate your own gingerbread men


2. Try making your own name out of pasta or junk materials.


3. Pick 4 of your favourite books at home and go for a sound hunt!! You are looking for the letter x. For every x you find your adult owes you 1p.


4. Set up a treasure hunt around your house - make a map for child to follow - remember, X marks the spot for the treasure!!


5. Listen to this fun story about a troll and some pirates written by Julia Donaldson: