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STEM Challenge 

Can you build a house for one of the three little pigs?

Use materials you have at home to build a house strong enough to withstand the Huff and Puff of the Big Bad Wolf.


Once you have built it, ask yourself these questions:

  • What have I used to build this house?
  • Why did I pick these materials?
  • What do I think will happen when I try and blow it down?


Then comes the fun part – try your best to BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN!

Give it all the Huff and Puff you can! Was your guess right?

Please let us know how you got on – send us your pictures or information of your STEM Challenge.

Good luck and enjoy!!


Here’s a video we made to help give you some ideas.

STEM Challenge

Our STEM Challenge this week is to make a house strong enough to withstand the huff and puff of the big bad wolf. Let us know how you get on- good luck and e...


Mental Maths:

Over the next couple of weeks we are focusing on numbers 11-15. 

Below is a link fun game from Topmarks Maths which counts up to 20. 


This is fun game which your child can enjoy with a partner.  This game will be used later this term to help revise ways to make five.  It can be played now to help revise counting and adding sets. 


GAME: Make Five

 You will need to get the page below from the 'mental maths activities' in your home learning pack. 

Cut out the cards and watch the video in the link below to see how to play. 

Have fun!

Making 5

Turn over your cards and if the dots add up to 5 you keep them. The person with the most cards is the winner.

This week we focus on number 12

Ask your child to count to 12.  Can they count back from 12?  Using the number cards can they set out the numbers to 15?  Point to 12. 

What number comes before 12?  What comes after 12

Can they write number 12 on their whiteboard? 


Below is a link for a tem modeller.  It have two ten frames.  Encourage your child to set out 12 counters.  This shows that 12 is made up of one ten and two more counters. 


We are beginning to add by adding sets together.  Ask your child to complete the next page in their 'Essential home pack'.

Your child is learning new language for addition. Use language such as…

Let’s add these sets

What do they make altogether?

So 2 and 3 makes 5

2 and 2 equals 4

Some of the key words we would have introduced to your child are underlined.


Ask your child to complete the activity in their 'Essential Home pack' on 2D shapes. 

Can they name each shape? We have focused on triangle, square, rectangle and circle. 

Encourage your child to find shapes around your house e.g. circle could be a clock, a plate etc.

Below is a link to a shape game which will help your child revise shape names. 

The link below is a game which covers both shape and patterns. 



Our story this week is...

The Three Little Pigs!

Watch this story and read along with the Three Little Pigs:

The Three Little Pigs by Dara Goldman - Books for Kids Read Aloud!

♡ Give the Gift of Reading ♡ The Three Little Pigs by Dara Goldman - READ ALOUD Books for Children ♡ ♡ ...


Listen to our Jolly Phonics song...

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

children good

In your 'Essential Learning Pack' complete the cut and stick activity for w.

Look at the pictures, think of the first sound of each word.


It is important at this time to revise sounds that have already been covered to keep them fresh in your child’s mind.

Watch this video below for some helpful tips:

Sound revision tips

It's important to revise the sounds we've covered to help keep them fresh in your child's mind. Here are some helpful tips for this revision.

CVC words:

Together let’s practice making some CVC words.

We say the word, stretch the word, chop up the sounds and we find the sounds.


Together we’re practising hen and peg.

Then, make the words bed and bad in your Week 4 section of 'Essential Work Pack'.

CVC segmenting and blending - hen and peg (week 4)

Practice with me making the words hen and peg. Then go on to your week 4 activities to make your own words, bed and bad.


Now that we know the story of the Three Little Pigs use the cut and stick sequencing page in your 'Essential Work Pack' (week 4) to put the pictures of the story in order.


What happens at the start of the story?

What happens at the end of the story?


Use the worksheet from your Essential Work Pack (week 4) to cut and stick the sentence, We see the big bad Wolf.


Some clues to help you with this are:

- Which word has a capital letter? (This one comes first).

- Which word has a full stop after it? (This word comes at the end).

- Use your initial sounds to help you sound out the words.


Once you’ve cut and stick your sentence write the sentence underneath. Remember your capital letter at the start of your sentence, finger spaces and to try and keep your letters around the same size.


Access reading books allocated by your teacher using Bug Club. 


Click on the 'High Frequency Word Book' below for new words and to revise words we have already learned.