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Fr. Tonys May Challenge

As May it is the Month of Mary, Fr Tony has set us a very special May challenge. He has asked all Primary 1 girls and boys to learn the Hail Mary Prayer. Can you learn this at home? Can you say it with the help of somebody at home? Can you say this prayer all by yourself? We would love to see or hear you recite this special May prayer, so please send any videos or pictures to your class teacher.



We focus on number 14 this week.  Complete the tasks in your essential work pack.

More than less than:

This week we compare numbers to find out which is more or less than a number. 


Starter Activity-

The activity is to pick a number.  Your child has to sort the number cards into numbers more than and less than the number.


The link below will explain the activity.

more and less to 15

A warm up activity for less than and more than.


Complete the cut and stick activity from the essential home pack


Further ideas-

Pick a number from your number cards.  Can your child make a set less than that number and a set more than the number?  See picture above. 


The link below shows a video of the task.  We have used pennies but any object or cubes from the pack can be used. 

more less sets

Activity to revise numbers more or less than.

Purple mash:

There are two tasks in your '2do folder' on Purple mash on more than and less than.


Ask your child to complete the next pages in their essential work pack.  They have to add together two sets. 

Remember to check number formation when writing numbers. 


Below is link to a game from the Topmarks Maths site.  We would highly recommend this game to support addition.

This game is tablet friendly. 

It shows children the numbers on a number line when adding which is a great visual aid for the children. 

Number stories - making 4:

We are introducing number bonds to your child. 

Each week we will pick a number and you have to find way to make that number.  In school we would do lots of practical games and tasks.  Encourage your child to use objects or cubes to begin with.  We will be giving lots ideas of games you can do to reinforce understanding of number bonds.

Take four cubes.  Can your child set them on the shorts diagram.  This helps them to find ways to make four. 

See examples below of how the worksheets can be completed. 

You have 3 cubes here and 1 here.  3 and 1 makes 4. 
You have 4 cubes here.  How many are on the other side?  That’s right zero.  4 and 0 makes 4.

You have 2 on one side and 2 on the other.  How many do we have altogether?  That’s right 2 and 2 makes 4. 

Encourage your child to recall the number facts. Ask them to tell you all the ways to make four e.g. 2 and 2, 3 and 1 , 2 and what make four? If I have 1 what do I need to make 4? 



Story Introduction:

Watch this story and read along with our book, Crunch, Munch, Dinosaur Lunch:

Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch Read Aloud with AHEV Library

Poor Ty just wants to eat lunch, bur his annoying little sister keeps getting in the way. She is a terrible pest. But when a dinosaur threatens to eat his li...



Listen to our Jolly Phonics song.


In your Essential Learning Pack complete the cut and stick activity for v. Look at the pictures, think of the first sound of each word.

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

children good

HFW exercise:


We just loved seeing your High Frequency Word rockets last week. They looked amazing! Our words this week are big, little and for. You could try writing some of these words down and hiding them for a Word Hunt, or mixing them up for guessing games.


To complete your rocket cut the words out from the table and stick under the correct word on the rocket.


Label your picture of the dinosaur – the words you need are in the Word Bank at the bottom of the picture?


Here are some steps to help you:

1. Look at the picture, what do you think the arrows are pointing to?

2. Get your adult to help you read the words in the Word Bank.

3. Can you match the words to the blank boxes and arrows? Use your initial sounds to help you put the words in the right place.


Can you name the dinosaur we have in the picture this week? What makes them different from last week’s dinosaur? What do you think they eat?


Use the worksheet from your Essential Work Pack (Week 6) to cut and stick the sentence, ‘The cat is big and red.’


Some clues to help you with this are:

  • Which word has a capital letter? (This one comes first).
  • Which word has a full stop after it? (This word comes at the end).
  • Use your initial sounds to help you sound out the words.


Watch the video below to help you sound out some of the CVC words you need for this week’s writing:


CVC revision - cat, big, red

We all make mistakes but how can we learn from them in phonics? What are some of the common mistakes in phonics?


Please continue to log on to your Bug Club account to see what books your teacher has allocated for you this week.


Click on the document below to read the new HFW book linked to our new HFW this week.

Creation Station:

Look at the pictures below of some fun art activities.

Can you make a dinosaur using similar materials?

If so please send a picture to your teacher or the school Facebook page. We just love to see your work.