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Maths warm up

Below are two warm up activities your child can do to get thinking about numbers to 10.


Say it, make it, write it - an activity to help revise numbers to 10.


Missing numbers game - using number cards 1-10 play a missing number game with a partner.


Counting back from 10 with Rodd.  This is link to bitesize maths.  An enjoyable video to get your child thinking about numbers after the Easter break. 



Teen numbers

This week we will introduce teen numbers.  In your pack there are activities on number 11.

Talk your child about the number.  What number comes before 11?  What comes after? Discuss that 11 is one more than 10. Ask your child to complete the activities from the pack. 


We are beginning to introduce adding.  In the worksheet your child has to count objects to get a total.

You can do similar activities with cubes and your whiteboard.  We begin by using the word and.  *We will use the addition sign + later in this term.* 

1. Set out cubes for your child to add.

2. Ask your child how many cubes in each set and ask them to find out how many altogether. 


3. Do they notice that when we add the number gets bigger?


This week we are reading Three Billy Goats Gruff.  One of our tasks is to build a bridge for the goats to cross.  If you are using recycling materials this is a good time to revise the name of 3D shapes. 


Our Story this week is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Watch this on the link below:

StoryTime For Kids - Billy Goats Gruff - The three Billy Goats By StoryToys Entertainment Limited

The three Billy Goats have run out of grass to eat. They need to cross the bridge to find some...


Go over this song with your child and practice writing z on your whiteboards.

Z sound activities

Our sound for the week is z - practice recognising the z sound (whilst also revising a few others), then have a go at writing the z sound.

Sequencing the story

Build a bridge with your child, pick toys to play the characters of the troll and the three goats. Sequence the story by acting out the events in the story.


Here is how Mrs Martin's turned out...

Sequencing The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week we are focusing on sequencing the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff through play. Here's a version of 'one I made earlier.' Enjoy!

If you get stuck with the sequencing use this song to help you:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby The Three Billy Goats Gruff · Piccolo Music Shake Rattle and Sing:Busy Songs for Bubbly Children ℗ 2008 Piccolo Music Released ...

CVC words

zip- what sounds make this word? Watch the video to find out...

Primary 1 - CVC practice - z i p

Practice segmenting and blending the word zip.

zag- what sounds make this word? Watch the video below to find out...

Primary 1 - CVC practice - z a g

Practice segmenting and blending the word zag.

Syllable Clap:

Watch the video below to see how we count the syllables in a word

COMET Syllable count

Help us clap out the syllables in these different items. Complete the syllable challenge!!


Ask your child to write the sentence ‘Come with me to the zoo.’

If they are finding this hard they may need this written at the top of their whiteboard and then copy it below.

Try and focus on how they form their letters, finger spaces and size of lettering. When they are finished ask if they can read their sentence.

We’d love to see pictures of their fabulous work.

(Thank you for all their pictures last week – we loved them!!).


It is very important that children read every day. Your child has been allocated books suited to their reading level on Active Learn’s Bug Club. Please login and read these books! 


Please read these new HFW books below, designed to help your child revise high frequency words (HFWs) learnt in class. Please re-read these books throughout the week to familiarise your child with common words. 

Click on the link below to access the 'HFW book bank' which has all the books from previous weeks to access and re-read.