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Well done for working so hard this term.  Your teachers are so proud of you.

We would love to see how you are getting on with writing your numbers.  Can you write the numbers 1-15 on your whiteboard? Take a photo and email it to your teacher.  

P1KH              Mrs Hollywood                       

P1RM             Mrs Martin                              

P1MC             Mrs McCann                            

Purple Mash:

We have assigned some lovely activities in purple mash.  Check out your child’s 2do’s. 

Below is the link for purple mash:

Your child has a mini beast story to read, butterfly jigsaw to complete, a sorting activity, a CVC task and a counting activity to complete.

Problem Solving:

We love to develop our problem solving skills in Primary one. 


Below are some maths problems.  Read out the questions to your child.  Can they solve the problem?  They can write on a whiteboard or page.  Encourage them to draw pictures to help solve the problem. 

We would love to see how you get on.  Take a photo of your work and email your class teacher.

Home Learning Pack:

As this is the last week before summer holidays it is a good time to catch up on any activities missed. 


We have included an extension pack with extra activities which your child can work through. 


Number Names:

This week we would like you to take time to go over number words.  That is the way we write the words for numbers.  Begin by looking at numbers one to five. 

The number one is a tricky word.  It doesn’t sound how it is written.

Below is a page from your extension pack.  The task asks you to match the name to the number.  Another way to do this task would be to cut out the envelopes and numbers and match them up.  That way they can be used over again. 

Below is a link to a Topmarks Maths game we have played before called Teddy Numbers. 

You can select to show number names instead of numbers.

Begin by selecting words up to five.

We have saved lots of useful websites and interactive games for you to click on and have a go.


Click the link below and it will direct you to a page filled with lots of different numeracy tasks to choose from.



Our story this week is ‘Spinderella,’ by Julia Donaldson. These match up with our mini-beast activities on Purple Mash this week too!

Click on the link below to listen to the story:

Spinderella by Julia Donaldson, Read aloud book for kids, Tale Story for kids and babies

Spinderella is yet another fascinating story for children written by Julia Donaldson. This tale tells us about a small spider called Spinderella and how she ...

Can you answer these questions verbally with your adult?:

  • What sport was it that Spinderella and her family wanted to learn?
  • What did Spinderella want to learn about in school?
  • Who helped Spinderella get to the classroom?


In our Literacy this week we are going to use some sheets from our Literacy extension pack. If you can’t find the extension pack then why not just try completing the tasks verbally using the picture below.


If you do get the worksheet completed, we would love to see what you’ve done – why not email your class teacher or pop a picture on Facebook.


In this activity sound out each of CVC words at the top of the page. Match up each of the words you have sounded out by writing the word underneath the matching picture. Watch out for the ‘sh’ word trying to trick you!

Comprehension Task:

Primary One, this is your first ever comprehension.


A comprehension is where you read a story, making sure you are listening to what you are reading. After this you are asked questions about what you have read.

So read the story below. Can you find the words in the story to match the three pictures? Write them underneath the pictures.

If you get those completed and you want some more activities try clicking on some of the links below:

  • High Frequency Word Spelling – click on year 1:
  • Make some of your own CVC words and sound them out as you go:

We have saved lots of useful websites and interactive games for you to click on and have a go.


Click the link below and it will direct you to a page filled with lots of different literacy tasks to choose from.